Kimie Lampers

I am an artist, designer, reader of novels, explorer of woodlands, and baker of cookies.

I grew up on a llama ranch and in a hunting lodge on the edge of Snohomish, Washington. My mother is a knit-wear designer and encouraged me into as many creative pursuits as I desired. (And I desired them all!)

I was in spinning 4-H, had my own loom and spinning wheel, wrote stories and made paper dolls out of various characters of mine. I also absorbed whatever I could in the art classes I took in primary school.

In 2007 I graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a degree in Design. There I studied Graphic Design and Illustration as well as lovely things like bookbinding. Since graduation, I have made posters, postcards, book covers, calendars, illustrated children’s comics, created concept art and sold prints and cards.

I enjoy finding the magical little moments in life and making things for and with people. If you like my work and would like to work with me, let’s talk!