FAQ and Policies

I would be glad to work on a custom print for you! This is what I’ll need from you in order to give you a quote:

  1. General dimensions (i.e., Height, Width, {they can be -ishy})

  2. Basic idea (Include things like how many characters and the main details you desire)

  3. Desired level of finishing (full color, black & white ink drawing, simple pencil sketch)

If you send me that info, I will send you a quote and a possible due date.

Alternatively, if you have a set budget, let me know what it is and what you want done and I’ll tell you what I can make you for that price. If it’s quite small, I may only be able to make you a bookmark. If it’s ginormously large, I may be able to build you a book.

Possibly, quite possibly not. This is a more complicated question than it appears. First you need to figure out if you need illustrations. Traditional publishing houses expect you to turn in your manuscript without the illustrations, unless you really want just those illustrations. It is part of their job to set up a manuscript with an illustrator whose style perfectly fits. They have the budget to pay the illustrators well and the know how to tell which styles would be perfect. I have heard that manuscripts turned in with poorly done illustrations, or simply a poorly matched style, get tossed aside. So, if you are going the traditional publishing route you will be better off sending your manuscript out without illustrations and letting the publisher worry about finding the right illustrator.

If you are going the self-publishing route then you will need to have a budget. I understand that you may not have the budget of a publishing house but you need to have something, and something reasonable. A book could take me approximately 6-9 months to complete and so, if you want my commitment to your lovely work, you will need to imagine a reasonable budget for 6-9 months of wages. If I were to take up a job at minimum wage, I would receive several thousand dollars within a 6-9 month time-span. I will do my best to work with you regarding your budget, but expecting me to work for less than minimum wage is a bit unfair and will cause me to turn your project down.

Yay! That’s so awesome. Congratulations on completing your book!

Now, before I can decide whether I want to illustrate your masterpiece, here are the things you should have in order:

  1. You should be able to give me the subject matter and the basic plot summary of your story. Otherwise, you probably have more work to do on it.

  2. You should also be able to tell me the intended audience.

  3. Your manuscript should be professionally edited and formatted. It would be a good idea to hire an editor if you haven’t.

  4. You should have an actual number amount for your budget. Assuming you have the budget before doing the math can be a little unhelpful down the road. So, have your budget thought out before hand.

  5. Your production schedule and when you’d want the finished illustrations.

  6. The size and dimensions of your book. The page count. The length and width. Also, whether your book is hard cover or soft cover, as each requires a slightly different layout.

  7. What printer you’ll be using. If they want me to use templates as far as bleed and formatting goes I would need to get those from them.

  8. Where the book will be distributed.

  9. How the book will be marketed.

  10. Your experience and your reason for self-publishing. I’d like to know your decision to self-publish is well thought out. Publishing is risky. An exciting challenge for the right person, but it could lead to heartache for another.

  11. Finally, why you want me as an illustrator for your book. You should not want just any old illustrator. My style should in some manner fit well with your story and appeal to your intended audience.

If you can give me all of this and I like your answers and I love your story, then we can begin a good project. We’ll discuss and agree upon a price and a due date. I will send you a contract to sign. Then once you agree to it and sign it, work will commence. If that sounds good, contact me here.

I don’t have a price list. Sorry. I realize that would make things easier. But there are just too many variables when it comes to illustration for flat prices to seem anything but arbitrary. Each illustration takes a different amount of time and sometimes, different amounts of materials. The size, the level of detail, the medium, even the enjoy-ability of the subject matter, affect the time it takes to finish a piece. Then there is the business side of things — distribution, rights to usage, royalties. How busy my schedule is factors in as well. Consequently, I quote a price on a project-by-project basis, after acquiring the information I need to make that quote.