Welcome to my bit of wonderland!

If you haven’t been here before, I should tell you what this site all about.

It’s about Beauty.

And Wonder.

And Magic.

Don’t you just love those moments when you find a brand new pocket of magic or joy? When you get a sparkly thrill over the simplest of things?

Sometimes you can get the sparklies from a dangerous looking sunset or a particularly chocolatey, chocolate chip cookie. Other times from a brand new thought or concept learned or simply from observing the sheer weirdness of life. There is magic and wonder all over this world, if you look in the right places.

This site is my place to share what I find and what I create with my fellow magic seekers.

I am an Illustrator, designer, reader of novels, explorer of woodlands and baker of cookies. Come explore with me! Share with me what you find! Enjoy your stay in wonderland. :)